Device Facts on Macs - Gatekeeper, FileVault, Firewall status

Curious if anyone else is using Automox to report on security feature status of Macs, namely whether or not Firewall/FileVault/Gatekeeper are enabled or disabled. I know it’s not in the Device Detail screen. Has anyone created a worklet or some other inventive way of managing this through Automox?

There’s a worklet here that will check to see if Gatekeeper is enabled, and if not, enable it:

Are you wanting to make changes or just report on the status?

Hi Nic - yes, I did see that worklet already, which is definitely useful for enabling Gatekeeper across a site. However, it would be nice to also just report on status, in addition to Bitlocker and Firewall status.

@jloudon that’s great feedback. We don’t have an ETA yet, but those should be on the roadmap.
In addition, current versions of XProtect, GatekeeperConfigData, and MRT will be available soon under device software.

There’s a couple ways I can think of to do this, until our reporting engine supports it. First would be to use a worklet to check the status and then report on the results of that using the API. You’d make a worklet that checks the status, and then use the API to report on how many devices that triggers on to show you which do and don’t have Bitlocker enabled.

The other way would be a worklet that records the results of the check on the local machine or send that back to some central server or document. This one would probably be tricker to do, but here’s an example of something similar that saves the Bitlocker key locally on the device:

Let me know if either of those approaches would be feasible for you.