Dell Command | Batch File either not running or not producing log file

I have a batch file which disables BIOS updates in Dell command:
“%PROGRAMFILES%\Dell\CommandUpdate\dcu-cli.exe”/configure -autoSuspendBitLocker=disable -outputLog=C:\Temp\dell.log

The remediation code is:
Copy-Item -Path “dellcommand.bat” -Destination “c:\Temp”
Start-Process C:\Temp\dellcommand.bat
New-Item -Path “C:\Program Files\Dell\CommandUpdate” -Name “BIOSudDisabled” -ItemType “Directory”

It copies the batch file to the temp folder and creates the new folder but there is no evidence of the batch file actually being executed.

I can’t seem to get my head around why as everything works fine when run locally. Any help appreciated.

Is this a 32bit machine? On my 64bit, Dell Command is installed in to Program Files x86

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Yes it’s in the 64bit folder. I was under the impression only the 64bit registry that required scriptblocks if that’s what you’re thinking.