Constant rebooting Device Status

In Automox for an hour, this computer has bee saying rebooting for the device status. I know this is not the case because I at the physical machine for testing and it is not rebooting. I rebooted the machine multiple times manually and the status is not updating on Automox. Anyone else ran into this issue?

When it happens to me, if physically rebooting the machine a couple times doesn’t fix, you’ll have to contact support to reset the client from their side. I was told at one point that they were putting in an auto-reset after 24 hours but I haven’t been able to verify that. I see this most often when a machine goes offline in the middle of an Automox process, at least that’s my belief of the cause.

Thanks for the reply. It seems like it is having a mind of its own. I feel the client is disconnected and the commands I am pushing are not reaching it. I have seen that If I reboot the computer or manually check for updates on the computer, Automox updates in the process of where the physical computer is currently.