Console gone crazy

Hi all

My console has gone nuts. In a span of 24 hours, the number of endpoints suddenly doubled from 500+ to 1100+. I’m seeing the same computer appearing multiple times in the console. This is also messing up my policies since these computers end up in the “Default” group. :frowning:

Bug? Help???

I’m going to attempt to clean it up manually.

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Hi Jesumyip,
On this can you can you send this issue to When I get back on Monday I will look into this and clear up the dashboard directly early on Monday. Sorry you are seeing that.

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Were you able to get this sorted out with support @jesumyip? Just wanted to make sure you were all good now.

Hi Nic

Not yet. Support is still working on it. I did discover that if I modify my Crowdstrike policy for Automox, the problem goes away (I use Crowdstrike to deploy the Automox agent). But I am worried the policy change means any new computers that get the Crowdstrike agent will not get the Automox agent.

I’m wondering if the Crowdstrike policy is trying to reinstall the agent on devices that already have it installed? Anyway, please keep us up to date on what support finds out!

FYi, the problem was eventually fixed. It was a bug somewhere in the Crowdstrike / Automox integration back-end.

Glad you got to the bottom of it and that a fix has gone out. And thanks for coming back to close the loop and let us know the outcome!