Coming Soon: Policy Page Updates

Based on customer feedback to the recently released Policy pages update, we’ve made a few adjustments to improve the usability of the new policy workflow.

  • We’ve expanded the initial view of the policy selector to show all policy types, including the individual patch policies.

  • We’ve added a tooltip to the policy selector page that describes the difference between the displayed options: patch, required software, and worklet. You can link directly to the product documentation from the tooltip for more information

  • When you select a patch policy type, we now provide a policy description displayed to the right of the policy type selection.

  • When creating a new or editing an existing policy, you can now update the policy type on the create/edit policy page. For example, if you previously chose “Patch All” on the policy selector page, you can edit that selection on the create/edit policy page.

Policy selector updates should be live on Wednesday, October 28 with the policy type selector to be live shortly thereafter.