COMING SOON: New Community Content

Hi, everybody - Chad here. Before I head out for a nice, long weekend, I wanted to pose a question. As we start to ramp up content creation for the Community, it makes no sense to just make a bunch of irrelevant docs and files that nobody will engage with. That’s where you come in.

This is your community, so let us know what you’d like to see. I’ll put up a quick poll with some current ideas, but please don’t be shy about telling us your own - because, as Jack Donaghy once said: “There are no bad ideas in brainstorming, Lemon.”

What kind of content should we create for the Community?
  • High-level video tutorials (5min+)
  • High-level video tutorials (~90sec)
  • New Feature videos (~60sec)
  • Recurring open “Office Hours” with AX
  • Traditional/KB-style articles

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These are just ideas we’re throwing around, but there are some that I think will be great resources, have some cool tips & tricks, and maybe even introduce you to parts of Automox you’ve never seen before. So, again - don’t feel limited to the poll choices; let us know your ideas in the comments, or feel free to PM me.

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Thanks for the poll!

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Sneak peek: There are some BIG, amazing changes coming to the Community soon, so there are no ideas off the table, as far as content goes. We’re also knocking around some ideas for some “Office Hours”/happy hour type of open Zoom calls/etc, rather than making folks register for a webinar, etc. Don’t get creeped out, but I want to talk to your faces! :slight_smile: