Coming Soon - macOS Big Sur Support

The Automox agent will be compatible with macOS’s latest major release, Big Sur, which debuted as a stable release on November 12, 2020. All of Automox existing functionality will be available on macOS Big Sur.

Please note that all new mac hardware will only run macOS Big Sur. Additionally, older hardware will ship with Big Sur installed out of the box (technically downgrade-able).

We will continue our work to eventually support ARM based devices, however, Apple’s Rosetta 2 emulator will ensure compatibility for newer mac hardware in the meantime.

We are planning on release in early December. Please check back for updates!

CC: @ncolyer

Thanks for the update,

Currently what is the functionality of the agent if we upgrade to Big Sur? Will it continue to check-in but not patch? Additionally, will we need to reinstall once support comes online for it?


Hey @Mrichards, Thanks for the response.

Our recommendation is to not upgrade your hosts to Big Sur until we release the new agent, if you can avoid it. Agent 29 (current) is in fact compatible with Big Sur, however, the Agent Notifier will not work which means users won’t be able to defer reboots if they’re required.

When we release the new agent with the Notifier fixes a reboot will be required. No reinstall necessary.

If you’re planning on upgrading for testing purposes knock yourself out!

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Did this happen yet?

Hello idf,
It did indeed! We support BigSur in Agent 30. The only thing I would want to mention is we do not truly support M1 processors yet but we have seen no problems utilizing the emulator with our agent on M1 systems.

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Thanks, @BrandonCampbell.

@idf, we’re hoping to release ARM chip support in the next version of the agent (31) which hopefully will go out by the end of the quarter. As Brandon mentioned, Rosetta2 will cover Agent 30 in terms of Big Sur support for the time being.