Coming Soon: API LImits

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing updates to the Automox API and introducing API limits to ensure optimum platform performance for our customers. We will begin to roll out changes to our endpoints to begin to support and eventually enforce limits on the number of results returned per request. These endpoints will have a limit parameter available, and this parameter will have both a default value and a maximum limit. The limit argument will allow values between 1-500, with a default of 500, and a max of 500.

Our endpoint responses do not contain pagination information so API users will have to check to see if there are additional pages. For example, if 499 results are returned when 500 results are requested, there is no second page. If 500 results are returned, a second request will be needed to check for and fetch additional results.

These changes to the endpoints will be documented at

We will be rolling out these limit arguments for our API endpoints starting in early October, so you can start using them immediately.Keep an eye on the Automox Release Notes ( to see these changes as they come out. Our API will enforce defaults and maximum limit values starting in early December.

We’d appreciate your feedback, please reply to this thread if you have questions or concerns.