Children at home?

So with stay at home requests and local schools being closed my home has become the school room for my grand-kids. Since this Monday they have been dropped off just before about 7am. The day begins with breakfast, pledge allegiance, 5 minutes of exercise and then 30 minutes of cartoons before school begins.

It is loud most of the day, but fun too. Anyone else having this type of change in their home?

Not me personally (no kids) but I’ve seen a whole lot of my co-workers kids on Zoom lately :slight_smile:

My house has what one could describe as “an infestation” of children. We suddenly have four children at home and cooped up on top of both my wife and myself working full time. There are a ton of trade offs that are having to happen continuously. I have found myself regularly working until 10pm or later to make up time and stealing away time on the weekend to catch up. Simple tasks like getting groceries have become a near vacation!

With the real threat of this dragging well into the summer (I’m more or less willing to lay even money on late June as the over under at this point), I am starting to feel a ton of anxiety. If you told me this would go for two weeks more or four weeks more, it would probably feel less doom and gloomy, but I do not expect things to simply vanish anytime soon.

On a side note, I think I’m going to start a revenge list for all the people who condescendingly have told me: “It’s a blessing to have all of the time with the kids!”


While I have some fun having the kids here I would never say “It’s a blessing to have all of the time with the kids!”
Lucky to have one of them older and can tag her as “the watcher” of the others. I grew up a 1 of 7 and that’s just the way it is done :joy:

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Same here - I’m the eldest of 4, and my youngest sibling is 12 years younger than me. I was basically a third parent at that point.

It’s only the stay at home parents that I know who manage one or two kids saying it with a pretense of me having somehow missed out on feeding my kids lunch (or whatever they think). It’s one of those arguments that in their mind I cannot possibly win.

The 6 yr old is home. I am lucky, wife works overnights and only a few days a week, so she has been able to keep him busy while I work. I just take off an hour here or there to give her a break.

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