Can't turn Device Targeting OFF

I’m having a problem in one of my saved Policy’s. I enabled Device Targeting and added an Attribute, Condition and Option and saved successfully. But now I can’t clear all those values and turn off the Device Targeting. When I clear those values, turn off the Device Targeting and attempt to Save I get this error message:
Error: Device filters must have a “field” key. Device filters must have a “op” key. Device filters must have a “value” key

Additionally, I didn’t like the idea of giving end users too much time to defer reboots so I changed the hours of the Deferral Settings from 1, 4 and 8 to 1, 2 and 4. After speaking with my manager we agreed that some of our positions will need to defer 8 hours. So I set them back to 1,4 and 8 and Save but when I open the policy again they are back to 1, 2 and 4.

Any suggestions?

Hey there! Definitely looks as you described, if you clear the filters it will complain. If you just turn if off without clearing the filters, you can disable it successfully. That should at least get you going on that part, we’ll look to get the behavior cleaned up.

Thank you for that clarification, Jarod. I did notice that and just thought that even though I could disable it and save successfully its still “reading” or “picking” up those fields and was concerned. So basically what you’re saying is that, for right now, once you enter data into those fields your only option to disable Device Targeting is to toggle the switch off and the Clear All button needs to be fixed?

Yessir! I’m following up on that, but I believe that to be the case.