Candy Corn: Love it or hate it?

  • Love it
  • Really love it
  • Meh about it
  • Hate it

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Tis the season for giving and receiving candy, so let us know how you feel about the controversial candy corn.

Chocolate candy corn is the woooorrrst tho’.

I didn’t see a “really love it” answer! Can I revote?

Just make a sock puppet account :slight_smile:

At the time that I am making this post, only one person has voted incorrectly (hate it). Every other answer is acceptable.

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Haha! It is I, not Gavin.


How refreshing, Not Gavin. That other guy, I think his name was Gavin? Just wasn’t excited enough about Candy Corn. Glad to see expressing your inner child and being so vocal about your corn shaped candy love.


12% of people are wrong about candy corn.

I prefer “candy cron”, a scheduled job to remind me to eat candy (not that I need it, really…) :stuck_out_tongue:

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All you need to do to remember to eat more is look at your hands. Are they empty? Time for more!

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