Built-in support for dynamic group assignment?

Hi everyone,

Will there be any built-in support for dynamic group assignments coming to the product? For example, MS Azure has built-in features where depending on the OS, the device auto-populates itself in an assigned group upon discovery.

We are a SMB running 90% on MAC, and our IT team is relatively small. They sometimes forget to log on the console and move a device from the default group to our custom groups which have specific patching policies applied to them.

I think this is a feature that would greatly improve qualify of life.

No one likes manual tasks! I think the core principle of the product is a cloud-based hands-off solution. I do read “Auto” in Automox! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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This feature has been requested, but is not yet available. See https://portal.productboard.com/automox/1-automox-product-portal/tabs/2-under-consideration

You could run a script on a server on your end that would periodically call the Automox APIs to retrieve endpoints (plus their attributes), and based on your criteria, move them to the appropriate groups.

I know we can create a script and call APIs to do this.

Does every Automox customers run scripts or manually log on the platform for every devices that need switching?

I am curious, how does everyone else handle it?

I used to do it manually. But I have modified my policies so that everything works on the Default group. Basically, move the logic to the worklet.The worklet decides what to do based on the attributes of the host. Not ideal, but can’t do much until the feature becomes available.

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We are working on this feature currently, but it’s the sort of change that requires a bunch of backend work, so I can’t give you an estimate yet of when that will be available.

In the meantime I do have this script that lets you run RSP and worklets against an list of devices exported from the Device Details page, in case that helps as a workaround: