Bug fix releasing today - App name changes

Hey, folks.

In addition to the normal patch notes this week, I wanted to make sure there was something out here in the Community for a fix in the release going out today.

This change has the potential to affect Advanced Policies with name matching rules, as well as Patch Only and Except Policies.

There are instances on Windows where vendors place the version of their installed app in the display name that is shown in Add/Remove Programs (Ex. WinSCP 5.13.1, WinSCP 5.17.1).

In some of those instances, after an app is updated on the local system, the record to indicate that it has been installed never gets updated from the original detection. This can cause the confusion shown in the screenshot below:

The software inventory processor will be updating the app’s display name when it installs a new version. It’s almost no change in the processing that the local device’s agent is doing, so there should be no impact on the your devices.

Potential work for you
If you have some patch policies that specify applications by name like we saw above then you may want to review them in case fixing these application names limits what you’re targeting. I don’t believe this will affect too many policies, and it should be no change for policies using the generalized “all firefox” style rule. It will just be those patch policies that specify a specific app name that included a version in the display name.