Automox volunteering with There With Care

We volunteer with There With Care about once a month. This month we went to their HQ and prepared cleaning supply bags for families in need:

We got a tour of the facility and they showed us all the various ways they help out families with critically ill children. They do everything from delivering prepared meals, clothes, school supplies and snacks, to support groups and assisting with transportation to and from the hospital. We also got to learn about how There With Care began:

Does your work give you volunteer days to help your local community? If so, what program(s) do you volunteer with?

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The library just did half priced fines and the money went to TLS Veterans.

That’s awesome - I hear that fine amnesties are a great way to bring people (and missing books), back to the library. Great that you came up with a way to combine that with charity work!

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We went back again this week for more gift bag assembly and decoration. Pictured are @ValB, @D-D-D-D-DropTheTable, @DanK and @MNM


I love helping out there. My resources are being tall enough to put things on the top shelves and drawing.


Photos from today’s visit. We prepared sweet & sour chicken which involved a lot of chopping. Hardest part was dealing with the onions:

The library patrons recently participated in half priced fines and $500 was donated to TLS Veterans in McHenry.

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That’s awesome and great to see a photo of your library!

That the the TLS Veterans office in McHenry, not the library.

Oh, I saw all the books in the background and assumed :slight_smile:

Our next half priced fines will be going to CASA of Mchenry County

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Since we’re stuck inside and can’t go volunteer with There With Care, we’re collecting donations for a local food bank:

Automox is matching our donations up to $5000, which is awesome.

The library has been handing out meals daily to anyone under the age of 18. Not only can they get lunch, they can get a box of food to take home for later or the weekend.

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That’s great, especially for the kids that used to rely on the school lunch program.

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We made our $5k goal this morning, so with matching that means we’ve raised $10k!

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That’s awesome!

We got a very nice thank you note from Harvest of Hope:

Just want to thank you and the Automox team for your matching campaign benefiting Harvest of Hope Pantry!

Your incredible support — that seemingly came out of nowhere — is a true godsend!

This has been a crazy few months for the pantry (and the world), and your tremendous generosity strengthened our belief that we can serve our neighbors in need, even during the most challenging situations.