Automox volunteering with There With Care

Thanks to @MNM, we do a company giving event with There With Care. Their mission is to provide support for families dealing with children with critical illness. One of the services they provide is prepared meals for those families in need, so they meet once a week to prepare meals for distribution. This past Wednesday several of us went to help with the meal prep. Here’s some pictures from the event:

We had a lot of fun chatting while chopping and assembling the meals. It’s a great way to give back to the community and meet some like-minded folks.


That’s awesome as hell, kudos to you all!

That’s badass. I’m seeing a lack of fro, though.

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The world needs more stuff like this. Way to go Team Automox…job well done!!


That’s cause I was the one taking pictures. I’ll make sure to do a selfie next time.