Automox Support

Does Automox have actual support personnel that replies to anything?? So far on several open cases the only response is the BOT response that my ticket has been created.

This is not an acceptable response.


Hi, Marc - first, welcome to the AX community! Second, sorry for the delays - I’d be happy to take a look at your ticket(s), if you want to share some ticket numbers (you can PM them to me if you like).

There’s no phone support, but they’ll reply back to you via email in a day or two.

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I agree the BOT is poor, but I have always had good support from Automox (despite the time difference) using the support email address.

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The BOT is not helpful. I skip it and go directly to support. I have experienced great support in the 3 years I have been using Automox. I have not had to open many cases, but it appears if I open a case before 12pm est, I hear back same day. If later than that I usually have a response waiting on my first thing next morning.