Automox Support Information

Contacting an Automox Support is simple and expedient. A Support Engineer will respond typically within an hour during business hours of 6am to 6pm mountain time Monday through Friday

Please send an email to with a description of your issue.

We also have a very engaged community, feel free to post a new topic here


Im hoping your message is true but i submitted a ticket yesterday and no one from support contacted me. Also, your chat support is always responding by BOT. I like your product but please ask your support to respond and assist us.


Sorry about that - let me check and see what’s going on with your ticket. Did you get a case number when you submitted the ticket?

I spoke with support and they did respond to your ticket yesterday. The email would have come from - is that whitelisted in your spam filter?


Yes it is whitelisted and No, i didn’t received any response.


Ok I’m gonna try sending you an email from an email address to you. Let me know if that gets to you!

For those following along at home, we were able to get email communication re-established between @uapilado and our support team.

Any plans to have web portal for support?

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I submitted a ticket yesterday, and I haven’t heard anything from support. I liked the live support help, too.

My ticket number is: 00002860

Kayleigh White

Hello Kay,
I just checked the ticket and it looks like Josh Waller responded to that ticket yesterday at 11:06am MST. Can you check to see if this went into a spam filter by chance? The email would have come from

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I did not receive an email. I checked all my folders :frowning:


hmm ok I will have Josh reach back out on the ticket and see if we can get this moving again. Sorry about that.

Any chance you could help me with my case, having trouble connecting with someone during business hours:

Case Subject: Re: Policy Enforcement - client behavior

Sure thing - what’s the ticket# and if you want to share the issue on here I can help you troubleshoot if it’s within my realm of expertise. I can also check and see if there was already a reply on the ticket and for some reason you didn’t get the email, like the spam filter monster ate it.

Thanks so much - there is no number on the chain just the subject I listed above.

Tony Wiese
Sr. Support Engineer appears to have ownership but not getting consistent responses.

Just looking for a zoom at this point, happy to work with you if you are available today.

I am curious if there is a way to avoid duplicate Hosts on Automox after re-imaging?