Automox Products

Probably a dumb question, but are there any free Automox products or is it just a free trial for Patch or Manage?


Just a free trial, We had experimented with a freemium version in the past, but it didn’t turn out to be feasible as we grew in size. Might be something we try out again in the future, who knows?


Can you make a freebie version that literally just installs enough components to list itself in appwiz.cpl but not actually do anything?

Well if you install the agent during the trial, it’s still installed after the trial finishes :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone, super excited to have found the community.
First off, AutoMox has been a go to tool for us, managing around 300 devices. It does more than just patching.

Now, related to the free version thoughts, I think a free version for up to 5 devices or so would be great with limit on how many policies or worklets can be created in the free version.

Either way, I am very happy to have discovered AutoMox, the company and the support is top notch.


Welcome @MerimM! We used to have a freemium version but it ended up not being feasible to continue as we grew. It’s something we might reconsider and bring back in the future, so I’ll pass along your feedback. And thanks for the kind words!


I’d love to see an SMB or in some of our cases a family edition. I really want to use Automox at home to keep all my families stuff patched properly across the 7 devices I have. Especially the kids devices as I can only lock their stuff down so much manually before its a hassle to make changes. I’m willing to pay I just can’t afford $500/yr to do so.