Automox is moving

Well some of us are. We’ve grown so fast that we’ve run out of space in our current offices and are opening a satellite office down the street. All of us in sales and marketing will be moving to the new office over the weekend and are busy packing up our stuff today:


You guys really should have called me first… I have a ton of space in my basement I’m not using.


Might be a tough commute though.

Working remotely is the new fad, Nic.
Can put on your favourite sweats, put your feet up on the coffee table, watch the game, drink a beer, and solve technical problems. Ultimate multi-tasker, and don’t let anyone tell you different.

Definitely not admitting to doing this ever…


Did it for 5 years, it overall isn’t as great of an experience as having an office with a flexible remote option.

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I worked 100% remote for a year and I got gradually more slovenly as the months went by. I think I need the pressure of getting in to a real office. As I tell people now who wfh: you should show once a week whether you need it or not :slight_smile:

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I just don’t like to be bothered by people while I’m working on stuff. People like to ask me how my day was, weekend plans are, can you “just do this quick.”
No, no, no and leave me alone. Submit a ticket like you’re supposed to. Slack me how my day was and I’ll get back to you when avail.
I bought a gaming headset because they’re large and obnoxious, hoping people wouldn’t “miss” that they’re on my head. They even flash pretty colours. SMH

Maybe I’m just an introverted … meanie.

I prefer the quietness (unnecessarily cranked music) in my own home. Also, cold brew isn’t necessary… until after lunch. :smiley:

This, so much this.

In a previous life, little things like this would take up my entire day sometimes.

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I understand where you’re both coming from though. Mondays (of all days) I prefer to be in the office.
It’s like going to the gym, you never miss a Monday. Messes with your whole week.

At Automox we do wfh Wednesdays, where pretty much everyone works from home so that they can get some good uninterrupted work time in. Scheduling meetings on a Wednesday is discouraged and reserved for critical issues. It also helps break up the week, getting to skip commuting on Wednesday.

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Fantastic idea Nic.
I’m going to bring this up at the next meeting.

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We moved into the new space this morning. Here’s some photos of the new space:

The Sales side of the office near the front door:

The view from my desk:

Some new swag to celebrate

Panorama from Friday while the finishing touches were being completed:

Is that a bedazzled hammer?!

It’s a ban hammer dressed in drag is what it is.

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Indeed! It was a goodbye present from the Spiceworks community team when I left. Sarah ran the project and they all took turns bedazzling :slight_smile: Best present evar (other than the Scumbag Steve hat that my wife got me).

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Yeah there’s some good ones in there. The most hilarious thing was Scumbag Steve showing up on Spiceworks himself:

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Holy crap, how have I missed this?! That’s hilarious!

It was from long ago, probably before you were a SpiceHead. I got to meet Blake in person at SXSW too:


That’s awesome!