Automox Company Retreat in Akumal, Mexico

As I mentioned briefly here, the entire office headed down to Mexico for a company retreat. The purpose of the retreat was to plan out our strategy for 2020, as well as keeping us all united as one Automox team. We’d grown so much in 2019 that it was hard to keep track of all the new folks (and I say that as one of the new folks in 2019!)

They greeted us in style when we arrived:

First night was the welcome banquet, al fresco, with a welcome from our CEO @jay :

The resort itself is huge, and it took us a while to get our bearings:

We got down to work as we had a lot to cover:

Much of the work was in small group breakout sessions so that we could get everyone’s input:

To make sure everyone showed up on time and ready to work, we implemented a “sombrero of shame” system. Late folks would have to wear the sombrero, which weighed approximately 27lbs:

On day two, we had an awards ceremony to recognize outstanding employees who embody one of the core Automox values:

  1. Humbly Courageous - @ShoeAtAutomox

  2. Thoughtful Decision Maker - @molly

  3. Innately Curious - @D-D-D-D-DropTheTable

  4. Extraordinary Communicator - @MNM

  5. Highly Impactful - @marshall

  6. Customer Obsessed - yours truly @Nic

Here’s what the awards look like. They’re heavy enough to be useful in a self-defense situation:

After the workday was over, we took advantage of all the various activities, such as scuba diving:

Visiting the local Mayan ruins at Tulum:

Having a swing at a pinata:

There was plenty of wildlife on display:

Sadly, a few Automoxers couldn't make it due to exigent circumstances:

But we made sure to photoshop them into our photos:

The final night came too quickly. We had a farewell dinner along with some fun awards (such as best dancer):

The winners of the fun awards got luchador masks, to protect their identities:

After posing for new company photos:

We hopped back in the busses and headed to the airport, tired but fulfilled. Many new friendships had been made and old friendships strengthened:

Until next year’s retreat, we’ll be dreaming of the beaches:

In case you were wondering, yes we are hiring:


That’s legit pretty awesome. Looks like it was a great time too. Meanwhile it’s snowy and like 10 degrees here so I’ve got that going for me.

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Yeah it was a rude awakening for us to get back to snow in Colorado.

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Oh I bet. That spot you guys were at looks pretty gorgeous.

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