Automox Agent Bulk Deployment Using Kaseya

Has anyone ever used Kaseya to deploy Automox agents in bulk?

How do you add the access key automatically for all servers/workstations?

Welcome to the community @Tea-J!

This doc has some bulk deployment scripts you can make use of:

The man thing you need to deploy it with the access key is this syntax:
Automox_Installer-1.0.28.msi ACCESSKEY=your-key-goes-here

You can find your key by clicking on Add Devices from the Devices page.

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Nic’s right, that’s the easiest way to pass in the access key, assuming Kaseya allows parameters in the cmd line.

The PowerShell script linked in that doc can also accept the access key as a parameter, if Kaseya allows for that.

The method that would cover all bases would be to embed your access key into the MSI file and deploy just the file with no additional parameters. That method is described here:


Awesome! Thanks a lot Rich. I think I prefer this option.

Thanks Nic. I already saw that article earlier but I wasn’t sure how to put in the access key. I guess I wasn’t doing something right. I’m going to use the method Rich suggested. I am more comfortable with that.

Yeah his method is the simplest, once you embed the access key.

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How is your deployment going? Were you able to get it working ok through Kaseya @Tea-J?

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Hi Nic,

Thanks for checking. I was able to deploy successfully. Thanks for your help. You guys rock!

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