Automated Way to Group Devices

Is there an automated way to group devices in Automox? I have over a thousand devices discovered and need to group them but I don’t want to have to search for each device and assign to groups.

Is there a way to maybe import a csv file into groups in Automox?


We are working on this concept for the future. I’m curious what ways would you prefer the automatic grouping to happen? By device type, geography, OS, etc? And, would you want a device to show up in more than one group?

Until we have a way to bulk upload a csv for group assignments, there’s a couple of workarounds.

First would be to run agent commands on the endpoint to set the group:

Second would be to set the group at the time you install the agent:

And finally, you can use the API to make changes to device settings, such as the group:

You could write a script to parse your csv file and issue the commands above. The easiest method might be to pull a list of all the devices, marry that data with your csv file so that you have the device ids to then make the group assignments, then run your script to set the group. The Awk language is perfect for something like that, as it is designed for parsing multiple lines of data and manipulating them.

What would be nice is the concept of dynamic groups.
Examples would be like:

if OS like Windows Server 2012 && ipaddress like 192.168.50.*

Or something similar. This would make targeting worklets nicer as you could have your main group of servers and separate groups to target very specific worklets.

That’s on our roadmap:

and you can see that it’s one of the suggestions with a lot of votes. Not sure what quarter we’re targeting this one for, but we will get to it!

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