Audit logs of user activity in console?

Hi. Is there any logging of user activities that we can reference. In our instance I’d like to to who moved machines between patch groups, who has created , and who assigned policies to a group.


Hey Robert, have you been able to check out the reports that we have available in the console? The activity log available will show you logging and reporting on system events such as policy actions and patch actions while the overview report is a device overview, a history of patches applied, and outstanding patches with their aging. You can find detailed descriptions of the rest of the reports here: Automox and Reporting Your Environment | Automox Knowledge Base

If you’ve already checked those on the top navbar and it doesn’t have the data you’re looking for, I’ll go ahead and check in with my team!

hi Brittany, any reply from your sides regarding the query… I do have the same question… because i need to audit the user logs, specially the admin users for future use such as requirement for Audit. hope you will reply to us…

Hey Vajun, so we have a few different types of reporting available within the console within the “Reports” section on the top navbar (and you can find the list of available reports here: Automox and Reporting Your Environment | Automox Knowledge Base), but is there anything in particular that you’re missing from those reports so I can pass that info on to my support team?

What we’re looking for is more of a “which user performed what activity at what time” report, like seeing when which specific user pushed a certain patch or renamed a certain device. The “Data Extracts” report is close but it only shows when a patch was pushed, just not how it was initiated (like by a user or by a scheduled policy), and the “Activity Log” also just shows when the patch was finished, but not when it started, or which specific user started the patch, if it wasn’t scheduled.

Hi Brittany, what i want in particular is i wanted to get all the logon details of all the administrator particularly the timestamp when they login to the system. We will be needing this as a requirements of audit. Hope you can give me feedback with this.

Just to follow up here, we currently have @ncaraway’s requests on the horizon as feature requests but I don’t believe we have @vajun’s requests in at the moment.

Vajun, if it’s something you’re interested in, you can always submit a feature request through Productboard and add it to our list of considerations by our team - Customer Requests - Automox Product Portal | Product Roadmap

You’ll just click on the “New Idea” button on the top right-hand corner.