Are you limiting your travel due to coronavirus?

  • Yes
  • No

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Looks like lots of folks are pulling out of RSA this year, due to concerns around the virus:

Are any of you doing the same, either at a company or personal level?

I don’t have anywhere to travel right now besides to and from work, apart from the store. So I haven’t limited anywhere that I’m going. I don’t think I’ve be limiting plane travel if I needed to do that, though.

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Looks like things are getting more serious:

CDC is preparing for a pandemic if/when it starts spreading around the US.

We’ve had some reported cases in the Toronto area, I know I’ve seen (on the news, not in person) some quarantine areas set up for travelers who are coming back from China to get screened etc when they arrive in the country.

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CEO Jack Dorsey (Twitter) cancels appearance to SXSW

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Looks like a lot of conferences are going to be suffering coming up:

Is it just me or does this sound like the opening scenes of most all zombie apocalypse movies??

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And another conference response:

They’re compressing the conference into 3 days and not allowing attendees from certain countries.

It is but it is also overhyped.
This is coming from a guy who is married to a medical professional and their family is filled with medical professionals.

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Interesting article on the effectiveness of limiting the spread in China:

Now SXSW is cancelled, due to the city of Austin declaring a state of emergency:

I’m waiting to see if they cancel next months Microsoft Ignite in Chicago.

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I’ve succumbed to a virus over the weekend. I don’t know if it’s COVID-19, and probably won’t ever know unless I get sick enough to go to the doctor. They’re only testing people in the US if they’re sick and have travelled to another country, or they’re sick enough to be hospitalized.

I had doors and windows open yesterday in the house. The weather was so nice and I needed fresh air. Hopefully the stale germs went away.

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Did you happen to have recently met Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx) and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ)

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Thankfully, no.

Good to hear :laughing:
Here’s to getting well fast, few aches and pains and NOT the COVID-19

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It’s officially a pandemic now:

Most everyone in our office is working from home until further notice. How are your businesses handling the situation? Are they recommending work from home for everyone?

The library is not in panic mode…yet. The director thinks there is nothing to worry about.

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Twitter just made working from home mandatory for all of their employees across the globe: