Arch Linux

Hello fellow Automoxians.

Has anyone out there had luck installing the agent on Arch Linux? I have one user who uses it and I’d like to get his laptop under the Automox Umbrella.

Unfortunately it’s not supported and I haven’t heard tell of anyone who’s come up with a workaround to get it installed. The question comes up every so often internally on our support team and it’s always been a “no we don’t work on Arch” answer.

There is a feature request for supporting Arch Linux, if you want to add your vote to the count:

We did see some success in getting the agent up on a ArchLinux computer. One of my coworkers forced the script to bypass the OS verification and point the script to treat the computer as a Debian device. They then reran the script (comes after the curl). Once that installed they ran the following:

  1. sudo opt/amagent/amagent --setkey <your enrollment key>
  2. run in foreground with sudo opt/amagent/amagent -c
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