API Advanced Filters

I’m looking to search for a device name by using like or contains. I’ve found that using name=PartialName* I can put a * a the end of the term and it works. Using a * at the front of the term results in an error 400.

$FullURI = "https://console.automox.com/api/servers?name=partialname*&o=$orgID"

This page talks about advanced filters for HostName and “like_any” or “not_like_any” but there is no info on where to include that or how the spacing work on the URI if that’s where it goes. It also mentions “display-name” and “contains” or “does-not-contain” with the same issue. Where do these filters go? The body?

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Hey, Mike - I’m not 100% sure myself, and that doc is pretty light, so let me do some digging.