Anyone want their 15 minutes of fame?

We’re getting ready to take the community out of beta and preparing a press release to let the world know about the Automox community.

As part of the press release we’d like a quote from an Automox customer talking about how the community is useful, especially when it comes to the Worklets section.

If you’d like to cash in your 15 minutes of fame and be quoted in the press release, please send me a PM or email me at!


I need to become a customer first! That reminds me, I need to test Automox out. I’m looking to start standardizing a bunch of stuff across all of my locations, including patching.


We don’t use Automox at my current job, but I’m job hunting so maybe I’ll end up working at a place that does use it (fingers crossed!). :smiley:

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Any other folks up for being quoted? We’re looking for you to share how the community has been useful to you during the beta. Some of these quotes will go in our press release and some will be on the community landing page for

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What if - I am trialing the software and used the community as my resource in ensuring I am getting the most out of my trial to better make an educated decision? Is that what you’re looking for or are you strictly seeking customers for the time being?

It’s mostly about the community itself that we need these quotes for, so you’d be perfect for that!

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Where would you like me to ramble off some quotes? Right here?

“This community has damaged my sleep schedule. It has given me an unhealthy addiction for digital badges. I now roam my office hallways mumbling ‘patch your shit’ to any who will hear it. I have a problem and that problem is Automox Alive.”

jk, lemme know where you want quotes


Hah, I’d totally use that one, but I’m sure the marketing team would veto. You can email or PM them to me.

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