Anyone in the community a cyclist and interested in Automox cycling gear?

We have a lot of cyclists here at Automox, so we’re designing some very nice cycling gear with our logos and images on it. If anyone is possibly interested in joining in on that order, let me know, so that we can count up people for the order to get accurate pricing. To give you a rough pricing idea each of these items would be in the $100 to $200 range.

Here’s some of the images so you know what we’re looking at:


Bruh; Automox just needs more merch period!
One thing I enjoy receiving from vendors is goodies! Id take a nice shirt if you have any. I know my boss would. :stuck_out_tongue:

We are working on other swag and a swag store, so stay tuned for that. This one is more of a special one off order, since the sizing is so specific.

Bygone days my friend. Many years ago I was one of those cycling to work up and down 360, 71 or a loop that included Bee Caves rd and Southwest parkway. I would have been proud to have worn one of these.
The bib would have been great gear on the MS 150 :biking_man:

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Update: we’re also adding in socks to our planned order:

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Socks are great. This is the one clothing item that I express my style with. But you need to include your tagline " Patch Your Shit" on these and others. I have one of your shirts with this on the back, people laugh and ask what that means at least a few times when I wear it.

By the way this is one of the best fitting and softest T-Shirts ever… thanks.

These are specifically for cycling. We do have some regular Automox socks:

and they do have the tagline.

Glad you like the shirts! We do try and make sure to get quality swag so you’ll actually want to wear it.

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Do the “regular” Autosox come in neon colors too?

No they’re just regular cotton blue and grey colors. Neon would be a nice option though.

Nice and Blue is my signature color :crazy_face:

Ok we have the store up for the cycling gear order. If you’re interested in ordering something, go here:
and click on New under the New Customer section.

Once there, fill in your details and make sure to specify Automox in the “Your TEAM SHOP login” field:

Note that if you log out and then come back later, you’ll need to mark “Login to the TEAM SHOP?” as Yes to get back to the store.

The store will be available until August 9th, so make sure to get your orders in by then!

Here’s the pricing for each of the items: