An Interview with EagleMitchell

In the next entry into our Automox Interview series, we have an interview with @EagleMitchell! Mitchell works closely with many other IT pros within the Spiceworks Community and has started submitting Worklets right here in Automox Alive. But I’ll let him share more -

Tell us a bit about yourself!
Greetings! My name is Mitchell and I am an IT Network Administration for a medium sized Insurance carrier in WI. I have been in IT for just over 10 years now. I am also a Co-Admin of the Spiceworks Unofficial Discord Server.

How did you get your start in IT?
I got my start in IT as a game server administrator. I was part of an online gaming community for Call of Duty 4and the server admin stepped away after some disagreements with the leadership and no one knew what to do or how these servers worked. So I offered to step up and read up on how it works and learned about how to manage servers. Once I learned about that setup and system, I started expanding out and learning about other systems.

What’s your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part of my job is pushing through the unknown. I enjoy discovering answers to things I have not resolved before or have been stuck on for a bit. That break-through is my favorite part of my job.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I am a volunteer Ski Patroller. I am a volunteer EMS provider for my local ski area as well as being a certified EMS instructor for the EMT style training that we provide to incoming patrollers. In addition to my volunteer work in EMS, my wife and I burn a lot of energy chasing our 2-year-old daughter and our 3 year old dog.

Favorite food?
My favorite food is a charcoal-grilled filet mignon with steamed carrots and rosemary maple broiled potatoes.

Favorite color?
My favorite color is: #330066

If you could be any kitchen utensil or appliance, what would you be and why?
I would be a broiler because that is one of my favorite ways to cook.

Favorite quote, saying, or motto?
My favorite quote is: “I work to live, I don’t live to work.”

Big thanks to Mitchell for being a part of this interview series! Feel free to leave your questions and comments to Mitchell below and check out all of the interviews here.


How much have you made from the $2/call sign behind you @EagleMitchell?

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When I think about all the years I have been here, and how many times I have fixed things, and take in to account how many times I have been paid per call… I have made exactly $2. LOL One day the CEO came up and asked me a question and handed me 2 dollars afterwords lol.


Sounds like you have an awesome CEO!

This is awesome! Coming from a non-profit I know that volunteers are extremely valuable and very appreciated.

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Thanks, I agree! Without our volunteer membership we would not have a patrol at all! I am Assistant Patrol Director and in charge of recruitment as well as conducting the training course for all the incoming candidates and I know first hand how valuable their time is as before they can even start patrolling they must complete 80+ hours of training! I am so very grateful for everything they do!

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