Adhoc Worklet deployments

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Just been having thoughts about worklets and some QoL features which got me thinking to post here and ask.

We have found worklets are extremely useful for almost everything. We have been tapping into the Required Software policies for new servers and workstations and come across an issue with one of our applications. The policies work perfectly fine and the software installs. For whatever reason our application doesn’t link to the endpoint. To counter this we have a remediation script which we can throw into a worklet which is no big deal. This works just fine. :slight_smile:

Getting to my point; we find that you can allocate a worklet to a group and run the policy adhoc which is great however is Automox considering adding a feature in future which would allow you to possibly run worklets outside of linking it to a group from within the Device Details screen or via some alternative method?

Here is a poor Paint job to kind of convey what I’m suggesting. :sweat_smile:

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You should be able to do this currently, by making a worklet and not selecting a schedule for it. Connect the worklet to all of your groups and it will show in the Associated Policies section of the device details page of all your devices, without anything in the Next Patch Window column. Then any time you need to run it on a specific device you can click on the Run On This Device button to kick it off manually.

I like your idea of having a specific section to run any worklet on any device though, so I’ll pass that along to our product managers.


Yeah for sure; it is cool that we can still run things unscheduled and adhoc by assigning a policy. I just like to click things less! Thanks heaps Nic. :slight_smile:

I find what you suggest works fine Nic, but it leaves the client in a ‘pending’ state. I have two worklets in the Associated Policies section - one to enable remote desktop and the other to disable it. These show the ‘pending’ symbol in the Associated Policies section and this is repeated in the status section of the devices page.


@david.thomson to avoid that you would put Exit 0 in the evaluation code section. That way the worklet always passes during the scans and avoids keeping devices in the pending evaluation state unnecessarily. Again I’m assuming that this worklet is only ever run by hand. If there is a condition that runs the worklet automatically, then you’d have to duplicate the worklets. One copy that actually evaluates and runs on a schedule, and one copy that always shows as compliant and that has no schedule that you would run by hand as needed. Would that work?

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Thanks Nic - that has resolved the issue.

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