Action: Run Associates Policies ?

What I’ve done is basically create a deployment group to deploy o365, Sophos, TeamViewer, etc via worklet policies in Automox.

Currently, if I assign a device to this deployment group I have to run all these policies manually.

Would it be possible to run associated policies via the group?
or even group policies in the policy tab to just click run to trigger multiple policies?

Hey Jesse,

Yeah thats how I am doing it as well. Theres a couple different ways you could accomplish this “on-boarding” process you are looking for.

  1. You can just spam click all the appropriate policies, and Automox will appropriately queue them all on the backend and wait for one to complete before the other starts (You can run into issues if you have msiexec’s that dont have the “-wait” argument appended).

  2. You can follow this Worklet made by @Tony made for a very similar purpose
    Execute Multiple Policies on a Windows Machine Using API

  3. An idea I have been thinking about in my head - you can create a powershell script on imaging (hopefully you are pushing a custom golden image or something similar) which will reach out to automox via API, get its DeviceID and then use Tony’s script to do all this automatically. You would need to specify which policies to run, and find which DeviceID you are. Heres a post I wrote for doing something similar with Bitlocker enforcement you can repurpose for the API side stuff
    Worklet: Store Bitlocker Keys in Device Tags

Hope this helps! Cheers!

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Hi Richard,

These are some great options. I haven’t messed around with APIs yet so I’ll have to keep spam clicking. (unless automox wants to add an alternative :wink:)

When I have some more time I may play around with APIs as automation would be nice.