2020.03.11-01 Release Notes - Improved filtering within Activity Log


  • Activity Log’s filtering has been improved. Two new pulldowns will allow you to narrow down your organization’s activity by policy type or a specific policy. Further, you will have a dedicated search field for indicating which devices you wish to focus on. And finally, if you know the package name or KB for a patch, you can search within the details of an event. Saving the best for last: the search and sorting parameters are also being stored in the URL. You get a bookmark, you get a bookmark, everyone gets a bookmark! All sorting and filtering other than the “Search Details” field is done on the server, which means users can query the entire dataset without downloading unnecessary amounts of data. The “Search Details” field is still preserved in the URL, but is applied to the downloaded data on the client, after the other filters.
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Updated documentation here:

Note: if you’re seeing what appear to be duplicate entries in the report, that’s because we’re showing the full data whereas before there were certain events that were filtered out. For instance, there will now be two entries per successful patch:

The first entry is the triggering of the policy to begin the patch install, and the second entry is the successful completion of the patch. We’ll be adding in an additional field to make that clearer, but in the meantime if you use the activity log API call you’ll see that the “name” field on the two events differs: system.policy.action and system.patch.applied. If you select the value of Patch under Policy Types then you’ll only see one entry for each patch applied.