2020.03.05-01 Release Notes - New filters on Device Page, Worklet Page Enhancements, Zoom bug fix

Bug Fixes:

  • When attempting to access a protected route while not logged in, the app would previously forget where users were trying to go, and always direct users to login, then to the dashboard in the default organization’s context. Now, after login, the app remembers the route the user was attempting to access prior to login as well as whatever org they were using.


  • Added Display Name and IP Address filters to Devices Page
  • Fixed a range of usability issues on the create/edit policy pages for worklets and required policies. This included removing modals, reorganizing content flow, clarity around required fields, inline loading indicators, and changes around textfield access.
  • Zoom Meetings for Windows can now be updated while running if the end-user is not in an active meeting or call

New documentation page:

Note: if you need to search for tags or other things that aren’t listed explicitly, you can use the Device Name field as a general search.


Have there been bugs reported with the new Devices page? Since this change was implemented around Noon MDT, I have been unable to do any kind of search because of the new UI in either Chrome or (new) Edge.

Going straight into Devices, or attempting to directly access a filtered list by going to System Mgmt -> Clicking on the device count for a policy/group takes me to this view.

This occurs both in Chrome, and MS Edge (The new version). And none of the new Dfevice UI is doing anything if I click it. Since I can’t search or apply any filters, I’m left scrolling through a list of 800 devices to find the data I need.


Hi @cburns, this is a cache issue in your browser. Please see this article to remediate that issue: https://support.automox.com/en/articles/3770366-how-to-clear-the-cache-for-devices-page. If that does not fix it, please reach out to our Support team at support@automox.com.


I have to say much better UI then before, and having the ability to tab backwards and keep your search settings is so much better! Thank you guys!


The UI improvement is so better now, have better overview and easier to compare results quickly
Exporting still on devices page is still limited to 100 per selection thou.


Showed the guys this when I got back from my visit - everyone’s excited and can’t wait to see more features built! thanks again for the hospitality!!


Our pleasure - thanks for coming by to visit!

Are there plans to further expand the filters? i.e. not only Windows/Linux/Mac, but the capability to further scope down to specific OS (e.g. Win2012/2016/2019), certain tags, relevant patches, etc or is the expectation that those use cases would be done through reporting?

Hi @habrnero, yes we have that in the plan for the future! We don’t have a time to disclose yet for this but this was a first step in how we want to offer you the ability to view your data, save it for the future and get more granular in the use of these filters.

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In the meantime you can put search terms in the device name field and it will match phrases in the OS field. For instance:
Screen Shot 2020-03-10 at 10.29.52 AM

The same workaround works for tags, if you’re wanting to find a tag that isn’t “recently added” (which has its own filter).

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