2020.02.06-01 Release Notes - Improved Reboot Notifications, URL Search Parameter Updates, Java 8 patching fix, Activity Log updates


  • Improved Reboot Notifications. When the option is selected within a policy, a reboot notification message will display to the end user with a 15 minute warning before their device will reboot. If they wish, they can close the notification work or Reboot Now if they’re ready for it.
  • The URL Search Parameters now match visual filters, sort columns, and sort direction on the software page.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevents patching to the latest version of Java 8
  • Updated Activity Log to correctly display non-zero status as Event Type error. Added in user’s timezone to Event Time to reduce confusion.

KB for the new reboot notifications functionality:

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We’re very interested in feedback on the new reboot notifications, so feel free to post questions, comments, and feedback in this topic.

Regarding improved reboot notifications:
Should there be a new option regarding reboot notification? If so, what is the option named in the GUI?
Or is this new functionality for the existing option?

My group was demo’ing a product last Monday on an endpoint with Automox and the endpoint rebooted to install patches with no warning. My guess was that someone else had already delayed patching 3 times and this was the reboot from that patch. Does this feature help in this particular situation?

Hi @Adontech,

The enhancement has not been added to the GUI. What we released was a notification for your device users to see before a reboot would take place. They will get a 15 minute warning and the message will state the time it will happen. There are no deferrals or messaging for this notification. We are working on that capability but we do not know yet when it will be released yet.

What you encountered with a reboot without a warning is the reason we deployed this notification. Also, if you have a policy with Automatic Reboots turned OFF, no notification will display to your device users. If a patch does not require a reboot, no notification will appear.

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