Hi, I'm Chad - your new Technical Community Manager!

Hi, I'm Chad - your new Technical Community Manager!
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Oh, hi…sorry, I was on the other monitor and didn’t see you come by. Anyways, I’m Chad McNaughton, Automox’s new Technical Community Manager, and I’m here to help. Give me a bit to spin up and all that, but we’ve got some really great ideas for the community that we’re diving into already (I’m on day 4!).

A bit about me: I’ve had a few different “careers” as I’m kind of old, but I’ve been in IT for over 15yrs. I came from a network security/UTM company where I worked for ~6.5yrs in all kinds of roles: CSR, Sales/BDR, Tech Support, Pre-Sales, and finally, Technical Marketing. I’ve got a pretty technical background (from Helpdesk to NOC to network security/firewalls), so please don’t be shy with the questions/etc.

In the meantime, here’s a few Fun Facts®️ about me so we can start getting to know each other better:

  • I grew up in Oklahoma (#BoomerSooner), but have been in Colorado since 2014

  • I started playing soccer at 3yrs old (#YNWA)…I did that pretty seriously for 20yrs before finding &

    switching to ice hockey (#GoPens) **I’m currently looking for an adult league/team near Littleton, CO!

  • I’m also an amateur writer/musician/actor/comedian-type (you can find me on IMDB where I’m listed as a “writer/actor/composer”)

In conclusion, I’m a very serious person and I only pursue interests of a serious nature! Nah, I’m kidding:


Come say hi - feel free to hmu with any questions, either in a thread or a PM. I may not immediately know the answer just yet, but I’ll get it for you. In conclusion, I’m ridonkulously excited about joining Automox, and I hope we all become fast friends! I mean, within reason. 🤘


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Hi Chad, I’m dimforest - your local Mayonaise Manager.

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Oh, great. 😉 Good to see ya! Sounds I’ll be seeing you over on SW soon, too… 🌶