I like to keep the rules short and sweet because it’s impossible to cover every situation, and if you try to then people will argue and try to find loopholes. If you’re ever unhappy with a moderator or admin action, such as deleting or editing a post, I’m always open to review the decision. You can reach me at nic.tolstoshev@automox.com or 512-758-9763. Here’s the rules:

  • Be nice - don’t call people names, imply they are stupid, or tell them to just Google the answer.
  • Don’t spam - please don’t post any promotional content without prior approval.
  • Worklets are reviewed - if you submit one, it will go into an approval queue so we can make sure the code works and is not malicious.
  • Don’t post sensitive information, about yourself or others - this includes email addresses, API keys or other confidential company information, so as to protect yourself and others.
  • Don’t do anything illegal - hacking, phishing, posting copyrighted information, posting malicious links, etc. are all forbidden.

See the Terms of Service for more details on what is and isn’t allowed.

If you have any questions about appropriate community behavior feel free to reach out to me via private message or post your question in the community.