Install BeyondTrust Jump Client

  • 2 August 2022
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I'm trying to get a Worklet working to install an application to a group group of host. The application is BeyondTrust Jump Client.  The "trick" here is that their application is designed to allow multiple installations on the client. Each install creates a unique installation be adding unique hex identified at the end, and it installs into the ProgramData folder.

So, I came up with the idea of when Automox does the first install, to first create a folder and copy a file into it. Then, I can have the Evaluation Code check for the folder. Everything works the first time, but then next time it will install again. I've tried reversing the Exit code in the evaluation, but either way, it install again. The folder and file do get created as well.


Can yo help me figure out what's wrong?

Thanks, Mike Bailey


Here is my Evaluation Code:

If (Test-Path -Path "C:\BeyondTrust\")
        exit 1
        exit 0 


And here is my Remediation Code:

# Create local folder
New-Item -Path 'C:\BeyondTrust\' -ItemType Directory
# Copy file to workstation to indicate Jump Client is installed
Copy-Item RemoteSupportJumpClient.txt -Destination "C:\BeyondTrust\"

Start-Process -Wait -FilePath "bomgar-pec-w0eec30we15dgf8xz18e51jw1j8g1fzx7diheyxc40hc90.exe" -ArgumentList "silent" -passthru

2 replies

Hey mbailey218,

If you flip the Exit codes in the Evaluation this should solve your issue. The code is checking if the directory exists, and if it does it’s doing an Exit 1.


An Exit 1 means the device is non-compliant for that policy, and we queue up Remediation to install the software.


Thank you!

We have Bomgar with multiple versions listed as installed.  I would target the version you are looking to install in your evaluation.  Something like this:


$BomgarInstalled = (get-wmiobject Win32_Product | Where-Object {$_.Vendor -eq "BeyondTrust Corporation" -and $_.Version -eq "22.2.2"}) -ne $null

If ($BomgarInstalled)

Write-Host "Bomgar version 22.2.2 is installed"

Exit 0


Else {

Exit 1