Evaluation code to check if program is currently running

  • 8 February 2023
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I am using an Automox worklet to deploy an internal application to a group of devices.

If the program is installed while the previous version is running it could cause unexpected behavior so I need to check if the program is currently running and if running then do not install but wait until the next opportunity.

Can I achieve this using the Evaluation Code section?

Right now my evaluation code looks something like this:

# Check if program is running.
$in_use = (Get-Process $program_name -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -ne $Null
if($in_use) {
# If running then abort and wait until next patch window.
Write-Output "Program is currently running."
exit 1

if($installed_version -ne $version){
Write-Output "Version $version will be installed."
exit 1
else {
Write-Output "Version $version is already installed"
exit 0

I’m not sure if my assumption is correct so I would appreciate some clarity on how the evaluation code section works

  • Will this cause the Remediation Code to wait until the next patch window?
  • When is the Evaluation Code executed?
  • Is the Evaluation Code executed every time the policy is scheduled to run?
  • Should I use “exit 0” in the case that the program is currently running in order to prevent the install from proceeding until the next patch window?

Thank you!



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