Windows 10 22H2 Upgrade Worklet\Process

  • 11 November 2022
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Hi Guys,


Just wondering what everyone is doing (or thinking of doing) with regards to rolling out Windows 10 22H2 via Automox.

I know there are a couple of worklets previously written for older versions and also a script to modify the registry for the targeted release.

Just wondered if any other AX Wizards have found a better more streamlined solution may be?



2 replies

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Bump. for previous versions I did the worklet to create a ‘Windows Preferred Version’ in the registry. I’m curious what Automox’s plan is for this...I changed the value to 22H2 in the worklet, but am not 100% if it applies the same.

I am also using this worklet to set the preferred version in the registry which is great. However, I am not seeing many hosts installing the update for 22H2.

Bearing the above in mins, i was wondering what other AX wizards where doing to push out 22H2 via AX.