PSADT (Powershell AppDeploy Toolkit)

  • 12 May 2022
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Is anyone using PSADT with Automox? If so, Can you share how you have things setup please?




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Great tool. One of my peers used it in a past experience many moons ago and we liked the functionality it gave us. 


I’ve not tried it with Automox until you posted this. Was able to install Adobe Reader DC but not entirely as expected. I had expected a pop-up or notifications, but observed none. Logging worked great. My overall opinion, I think I could have used some of the worklets among this site and the catalog to achieve a similar outcome with same level of input. Also convinced there are some unrealized gains here that I’m missing with such a fast review.


Here is how it all played out:


STEP ONE > Downloaded PSADT and Learn Some... and watched a youtube video on how it works. 

Read some of the the Adobe Reader Example in PSAppDeployToolkit.pdf that came with PSADT and thought, sure why not.


 STEP TWO > Downloaded Adobe Reader DC and extract MSI files

AcroRdrDC2200120117_en_US.exe -sfx_o"C:\temp\adobe\" -sfx_ne

STEP THREE > Prepare the files

Modified Deploy-Application.ps1 some as highlighted in this screenshot. For the purpose of testing, I added notepad as a close app just to get a feel for how the pop-up works. 


STEP FOUR > Build a worklet ( fun part? )

Evaluation Code

exit 1

Remediation Code

The goal here was to build out the directory structure and execute similar to how the video I watched did. 

New-Item -Path 'C:\ProgramData\amagent' -Name Adobe -ItemType Directory | out-null
New-Item -Path 'C:\ProgramData\amagent\Adobe' -Name Files -ItemType Directory | out-null
New-Item -Path 'C:\ProgramData\amagent\Adobe' -Name AppDeployToolkit -ItemType Directory | out-null

# Copy necessary files
Move-Item 'Deploy-Application.ps1' -Destination 'C:\ProgramData\amagent\Adobe'
Move-Item 'Deploy-Application.exe' -Destination 'C:\ProgramData\amagent\Adobe'
$files = 'abcpy.ini','AcroRdrDCUpd2200120117.msp','AcroRead.msi','','setup.exe','setup.ini'
foreach ($file in $files){
    Move-Item $file 'C:\ProgramData\amagent\Adobe\Files'
$AppDeployToolkit = 'AppDeployToolkitBanner.png','AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml','AppDeployToolkitExtensions.ps1','AppDeployToolkitHelp.ps1','AppDeployToolkitLogo.ico','AppDeployToolkitMain.cs','AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1'
foreach ($file in $AppDeployToolkit){
    Move-Item $file 'C:\ProgramData\amagent\Adobe\AppDeployToolkit'

Start-Process 'PowerShell' -ArgumentList "-executionpolicy bypass -file C:\ProgramData\amagent\Adobe\Deploy-Application.ps1" -wait
Remove-Item 'C:\ProgramData\amagent\Adobe' -recurse

Uploaded Files for the payload 😵


STEP FIVE > Run worklet on client