New Worklets of the Week (3/30/22)

  • 30 March 2022
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Happy Wednesday!🌻


We know what Wednesday means around here, time to talk Worklets! One new Worklet has been added to the Catalog this week, and it’s all about user notifications. ⏰

This notification Worklet will use the built-in macOS tools, but place the dialog box front and center, instead of the default placement in the upper corner. We all get notification fatigue, so changing up the presentation of your notifications is a great way to ensure the message is received. Our Factory team even built in some extra options to further customize the notification by adding additional button selections that direct the user to a certain webpage, or setting timeouts, or categorizing notifications.


When do you use custom notifications? Comment below to tell us! 💬


See ya next week!

Jessica Starkey | Technical Marketing Engineer


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