How Long For Worklet To Take Affect?

  • 2 May 2023
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Hi. I am trying to run a worklet against some laptops that will remove a particular piece of software from them. In the Automox console, the laptops are showing as connected with a policy status of ‘compliant’. The device status is shown as ‘refreshing’.

I have run the policy several times now and it hasn’t removed the software (my colleague has verified it works on a similar laptop they’re testing with). My questions are:

  • If the laptops are connected to the Automox server, how long will it take to apply the policy it has been assigned to?
  • If a device is shown as ‘refreshing’, will this cause the policy not to work?

We will be rolling out this policy company-wide and it would be ideal to have an idea of timeframe of how long it will take for the policy to take affect. I don’t want users’ laptops unexpectantly restarting in the middle of the day for example.


1 reply

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Hello Mr. redblue,

The Worklet will action on the endpoints in 1 of 2 scenarios
1: non-compliant devices execute the policy as scheduled. (For compliant devices, the ‘Remediation Code’ never runs)
2: An admin manually executes the policy (run on this device.) This also skips the Evaluation code. A connected device will immediately execute the script.

An endpoint should not typically be in the ‘refreshing’ status for longer than a few minutes at any given time. This can mean the Evaluation script (which runs during a scan) is hanging or waiting for some kind of input. We would see a different device status if the Remediation code was hanging.

If you continue to attempt to run the policy manually, it can queue up behind hung commands. Those do expire after a period of time but if you would like it done manually you can reach out to to do that a little faster.