Automox solution for pushing .mobileconfig files on Mac?

  • 28 September 2022
  • 2 replies


Does anyone know of an Automox solution for installing .mobileconfig files on a Mac? I’ve been doing some digging on how to remotely push our CIS profiles (without using JAMF or some other sort of MDM) but have not had any luck. Thanks in advance!

2 replies

Hey Michael,

It is not possible to install a .mobileconfig profile with Automox at this time, Apple only allows this to be done via an MDM.

However, you may be able to attach the Profile to a Worklet, then use the “mv” or “cp” command to move the profile to the Desktop so the user can install it themselves.

Thank you.


Great idea! Thank you. I’ve got quite a few profiles to install so that should work great. Thanks again!