Anyone else have problems with the Automox agents crashing on their endpoints?

  • 27 September 2022
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We’ve been a Automox client since May 2022.

When we started to deploy the Automox Agent to our end user Windows 10 and 11 laptops we ran into a problem after about a month when a not insignificant amount stopped communicating with the Automox console. Without exception, when we investigated we found the Automox Agent wasn't running on the end point. Starting the service or restarting the machine would fix it.

Reviewing amagent.log would present messages about abnormal closure to websocket.

2022/09/25 00:54:07 stompclient.go:399: Error in axstomp readframe: websocket: close 1006 (abnormal closure): unexpected EOF
2022/09/25 00:54:07 stompclient.go:437: Consumer error: websocket: close 1006 (abnormal closure): unexpected EOF

We were told the root cause was because our end users connect to a corp VPN and that the momentary change in connectivity for those devices was causing the Automox agent to to crash. While I understood the logic, I felt the agent should be able to handle a change in connectivity more gracefully than simply dying.

This week I've discovered 100% of five newly deployed Debian Linux based VMs in a datacentre have also stopped communicating with the console. When checked, every one of them have the service stopped (technically it said Active/Exited). They all stopped on different days and times. Two of these machines were behind a content filtering proxy, three of them had direct internet connectivity. None of them were connecting to a VPN.

It feels to me as though the root cause is that the agent doesn't handle interruption to the websocket communication very well, and that instead of handling that situation in the agents code, they've chosen to rely on the the OS's ability to respawn the service.

Anyone experiencing similar issue or it it just me?

7 replies


I don’t know why this ended up in Community Worklets :|

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This sounds like you’ve encountered a technical troubleshooting scenario. I would suggest visiting our Customer Portal to open a support ticket so our engineers can help investigate.

You can click “Support Docs” on the top navigation bar of the Community forums or follow this link to access the Customer Portal:


Be sure to log in to your account using the menu at the top right of the portal. If you’ve never used our portal before then you may need to through an initial registration.




Hi Brandon,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I have already visited the Customer Portal and I already have a ticket logged… two in fact #6852  and #4772.

This post was more about gauging if anyone else was having similar issues than getting the problem resolved.

Unfortunately as I only seem to be able to post to Community Worklets and Security News sections this post isn’t going to get the audience required to gauge that.





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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the update! I’ve engaged our support team to look into your tickets further. We do appreciate the patience you are showing as the engineers investigate. We just released Agent 41 to start rolling out automatic agent upgrades yesterday (Tuesday, Sept 28th) that addresses some of the disconnect issues you’ve noted and we plan to have further fixes included in our next release in Q4 of this year.

As for why your post is showing in the Community Worklets section, I believe it is because of the code/script section. The system will automatically contain posts with code/script to those two categories.

Not to worry though, as we find most of our traffic in the Community Worklets section!


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Yes, I regularly see devices with the Automox Agent service stopped. I have alerts setup from our monitoring agents to notify me so I can restart the service.



We had many servers having the same issue.

Unfortunately same for me, seems like users who often put there laptops to sleep and resume troughout the day experience the service failing to report back. I also opened a ticket and did not get anywhere.