Which new AX features are highest on your 2022 wishlist?

  • 10 January 2022
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So what’cha want?

Happy 2022, y’all! Even though we’ve barely stumbled into the start of 2020: Part III, I think we’re probably all ready for a cup of tea and a nap. But first, I have a question: What AX features are highest on your wishlist for 2022? Here, I’ll get us started: as an Admin, I’d like to see some remote device management in the AX console. (Sorry, but none of you can use that one now! :wink:)



While we look to 2022, let’s also look back at 2021 - the features AX released last year came fast and furious at times, so we’ll do a quick recap. Give me just a many new things..


Okay, done! Here’s a quick, non-chronological rundown (organized by functionality), with some links to additional resources. If you have any questions about any of them, let us know in the comments. 

  • Automation
    • Flexible Device & Package Targeting
      • ​​​​​​Gives admins the ability to target specific devices and/or packages with attribute-based filtering​. Attributes include hostname, IP address, OS/version, Active Directory OU, and Tags. Save time and efficiency by targeting packages based on when the package became available
    • Software Patching Catalog
      • Stop the resource drain of third-party software patching. With many software titles already supported and new ones being delivered every month – new titles are just a request away.
    • Vulnerability Sync
      • Bypass soul-sucking manual workflows and remediate time-sensitive vulnerabilities across you infrastructure in just a few clicks. Upload Vulnerability Scan reports from various providers to remediate and track remediation status
  • Reporting & Integrations
    • Patch History & Audit Logs
      • Base decisions on data with simple extraction of critical information in a timeframe of your choice. Gather data, build reports, and hold people accountable. CYA all day, eh!?
    • Splunk Integration
      • Uncover patterns and triage events like a champ by integrating critical device and systems-level data from Automox into your SIEM. Because more data is better data! 
  • Admin Experience
    • Reboot Improvements
      • Enhancements to the end user experience and support for additional reboot use cases - eliminate surprise reboots, with on-device reboot control for end users. Includes an option to force reboots after a worklet execution, but also allows admins to automatically defer reboot if the end user misses the notification! :metal:
    • Global Zone Management
      • Reduce your risk with centrally managed device segmentation and user access controls to make access creep a thing of the past. Now admins can add Users and Permissions from a single screen. With its centralized administration, you can create zones in seconds. 



13 replies

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It would be nice to assign a device to a group based on a name

Support for tablets

Support for Tablets or Mobile Devices (Mobile - At Least Status / Alerts), Instructional / Overview Videos on the Automox API.

A custom timeout value for the console! I work alone in a secret underground bunker (WFH basement office), and would love to avoid logging back in every time I use Automox.

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These are great, y’all - keep em coming! 

Show if AV on devices is up to date, show if devices storage is encrypted, API for link to seim / SOCaaS tools.

Have Group/subgroup targeting be quicker and easier

Additional Filtering on the Policies Page (Dashboard > Managed > Policies) similar to “Show Unused Policies”. For example the ability to set police status to: Production, Development, Staging / Testing -- and the ability to filter those polices on the Policies Page. 

The ability to setup Global Reboot Notifications for a Zone, rather than having to enter them for each policy. Also, a manual override would be great for those policies.

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  • The ability to set a patch window
    When patching you sometimes have “Followup” patches
  • Vurnability report based on a Automox central database
    Seen several times that Automox report 100% compliant, but third party report several vurnabilities because of lacking patches
  • Patches available and patches available from update source
    To see what you’re missing out on, might be faulty update source, might be faulty update services on endpoint

Ability to reboot the servers from the agent itself

Ability to search the Device view for the name/partial name of a piece of software and get back a list of devices that have it installed.

Custom scan frequency by group, policy, name (or part of a name), subnet, and/or OS.