Uninstalling Trend Micro Apex One Security agent

  • 1 November 2021
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Hey Folks

We are using Automox in our company now and just wondering how to do the following:

  • I am using a community worklet “uninstall specific app using version”

  • I’ve added the name and version of of app to uninstall

  • There is an uninstallation file i can use if need be

  • Now when we try to manually uninstall it using PC directly, it is requiring console password

  • With the community worklet, the worklet is erroring out because of the password missing in the context of the worklet

So What is the method to include the password in the worklet when trying to uninstall an application?

Do we need to insert the password in remediation code? or evaluation code?

Sorry we are newbie with using Automox and some help would be much appreciated.

2 replies

I assume the MSI would have some sort of argument to enter a password, you might want to refer to the documentation about uninstalling this application

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You could consider removing the requirement for the password from the Trend console, or downloading the CUT tool from Trend.

I kind of like the idea that it is difficult to remove endpoint software without manually providing a password - it prevents malware removing your endpoint.

I’m assuming you are planning to use Automox to change endpoint providers. If so, you probably need a reboot between removal and installation of the new endpoint. Some endpoint providers leave registry keys that halts the installation of the new endpoint, so it is not always straightforward.

On the other hand, some endpoint installers can remove the old endpoint and install the new one, although you would have to disable the password first. Might be worth checking with your new provider to see if they have a competitor removal tool.