Best method to force server reboots every month at end of maintenance window?

  • 6 December 2021
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We have >1K servers that are distributed among ~50 different groups and policies that patch according to specific maintenance windows based on the application they run.

Our policies allow the server to reboot if the patch being applied requires it, but I’d like ALL the servers to reboot at the end of the monthly maintenance window regardless of installing any patches.

What’s the recommended way to implement this?

4 replies

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You could copy this worklet for rebooting: Worklet Details: Targeted Reboot within Timeframe

Or write your own worklet with “Restart-Computer -Force” and use the scheduler to reboot on your selected schedule

I went through this recently with another client and decided the best (most simple approach) is either putting Exit 1 in the Eval, and scheduling the policy to reboot with ‘Restart-computer -Force’ as ‘it_stuck’ has suggested, or by putting ‘exit 0’ in the Remediation code and just using the reboot computer feature below the schedule.

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Thank you both for the suggestions.  I will take a look at them and do some testing.  Wasn’t sure if there was an “official” or generally accepted ‘best practice’ way to accomplish it.