Add API PATCH method to Device Tags

  • 13 October 2021
  • 2 replies

Right now, we can edit device tags, but in order to keep from overwriting current valuable device tags, we need run a GET command, save all device tag content into an array, and then execute a PUT command to write an entirely new batch of tags.

It would be way easier if we could just run a PATCH command as an additive operation add more new tags.

This is a particular pain point when we have scripts creating from-scratch tags for devices that end up overwriting valuable manually-created tags that some of our technicians have added for their own records.

2 replies

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Patch would be nice, but its not to hard to pull the existing tags from a device and then add them to the list of tags you want to set. See this post, the end has a nice example. Read past the first part to see the code for additive.


Thanks @David_Mitchell . I should clarify the reason we want this feature so badly is because we’re making api calls from our linux clients via bash. (Keeping things in bash makes a lot of our other linux endpoint work easier). If I were using powershell, python, or a more modern language, the need wouldn’t be so high.