New device scan

  • 2 November 2021
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How do I scan for new devices that should have the agent installed?

Thank you!

9 replies

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Hi there! Are you setting up Automox for the first time?

No. I want to scan for newly added devices. We have about 15 new users but I only see a handful in Automox.

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Is this Mac? Windows? How are you installing this?

The agent is on 95% Windows and 5% Mac machines.

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How are you installing? Can you provide the script or way you’re doing this.

We have no script. The user receives a welcome package in their email with a link to where we store the installation file. They would then just simply install the agent. We have 15 new users but only 4 or 5 reporting to Automox.

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Did they input the license key? Have they actually installed it? Can check their machines? Can you manually install this on one of their machines yourself and see if it works?

They are all remote all over the U.S. Have sent company wide email but some are still missing. Wanted to see if there was another way of grabbing machines on our network.

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Maybe it’s worth doing a Zoom with those people whose machines are not displaying in Automox.

Do you use MDM? Active Directory? Not sure how many devices in total that you have that should have Automox installed, but if they’re not appearing in Automox then I’d assume they’re not installing it.

There could so many points to check, start with my previous post and go from there.