Mac OS updates not applying

  • 27 December 2021
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Happy Holidays Automoxers!

For some reason a majority of our mac endpoint are not receiving the Mac Big Sure updates to 11.6.1 or 11.6.2. Our user see the Automox System Update Notification, click now, and nothing seems to happen.

Some of our users will eventually get the Automox Reboot notification window, but when they click on it, they are logged out instead of a restart. 

When we check the activity logs, we see that our mac endpoints have had all the apps as well as as Mac OS 11.6.2 update installed. However, when we go to check the OS version, we see nothing has been updated.

We are using jamf pro, with filevault enabled, and jamf connect. 

Any advise would very much apprecaited!

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